Meet the Next Generation of PVM: The Connect PVM.

It’s both digital signage and an active theft deterrent seamlessly integrated into a single device.

Traditionally, Public View Monitors have been placed in high-value, high-visibility locations with the main focus on security. Now you can re-purpose that space by adding digital signage, without comprising the theft deterrent already in place.

It’s like having the keys to your very own broadcast network. From big-box stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, and independent retailers— marketers can now reach their audience, engage their customers, and build their brand at the point of decision.



Connect PVM


Connect PVM


Connect PVM


Connect PVM


Connect PVM


Connect LCD

Clinton Connect App

Behind every Connect PVM is our revolutionary cloud-based digital signage management tool: Clinton Connect. With Clinton Connect, retailers can now change the look and feel of their Connect PVMs at a moment’s notice. Create, schedule, and deploy custom-made ad playlists from anywhere in the world.

Media Gallery with 100GB of Free Storage 

 Drag & Drop Ad Builder

Playlist Builder

Deploy Schedules or Events

How It Works

Upload your media regardless of format and store your media files in the Free 100GB Media Gallery.

Quickly create your ad with our intuitive Drag & Drop Ad Builder and preview your ad in real time.

Schedule and deploy your content to One or Thousands of Devices with the simple click of a button.

Customizable Actions

For additional interactivity, each Connect PVM can display different content when triggered by a motion event, alarm input, button press, person detection, or face detection. Examples include: unmuting the device when a face is detected, playing informative videos when triggered by a button press, or displaying a custom security message when triggered by an alarm input.

Motion Detection

Face Detection

Person Detection

Alarm Input

Button Press*

* Available on Select Models Only.

Total Control Of Your Devices & Users 


With Device Management, you can easily keep track of all of your connected devices in one place. Organize by region, store, department, aisle, or any custom group name!


Create custom reports based on the criteria that is important to you and set up email notifications for critical events. Reports can be downloaded as CSV files or made viewable by other users of Clinton Connect.


Manage your account settings,  integration companies, stores, users, and more!


Clinton Connect Integrations

Alert Tech provides retail technology that enhances customer experience and streamlines the fitting room service process.

FaceFirst helps customers create safer communities, great customer experiences and personalized service through face recognition and AI.

Indyme Solutions designs and markets the Smart Response suite of customer engagement and product protection solutions.

Sensormatic Solutions is a global leader in enabling smart and connected shopper engagement for retailers worldwide.

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